FACTt Art & Science Festival

My work on display at Sydney Smith Hall UofT

5:00 pm Opening Tour 

Meet us in Sidney Smith (University of Toronto), 100 St George Street (enter from Huron street)

Stop#1 – Sidney Smith Commons (Huron Street side)
Stop#2 – McLennan Physics Labs (60 St. George Street)
Artists: Jude Abu-Zaineh, Maria Francisca Abreu-Afonso, Suzanne Anker, Nicole Clouston, Nigel Helyer, Kathy High, Gunes-Helene Isitan, Maria Manuela Lopez, Felipe Shibuya & Pedro Cruz, André Sier, Tarah Roda, Tosca Teràn, Elaine Whittaker, Jenifer Wightman, Jennifer Willet

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