Grow Op 2019 ENERGY

Toronto’s Wildest Exhibition is Back!
The Gladstone Hotel Will Be Taken Over by Energy-Based Installations at the Annual Grow Op Exhibition April 17, 2019, TORONTO
– All four floors of the Gladstone Hotel will be taken over by plants, birds, feathers, clouds, “plarn”, algae, mycelium, hemp, bamboo, cow bones, organic waste and more at Grow Op 2019!

Grow Op is a four-day art and environment festival that transforms all four floors of the Gladstone Hotel with 30+ immersive installations celebrating innovative ideas and conceptual responses to urbanism, environmental sustainability, landscape design, and contemporary art. Think Allan Gardens meets Come Up to My Room!

The exhibition features adjacent events including a Clothing Swap, Repair Cafe, Artist Talk and Nature Walk! Tickets to the exhibit are $10, although certain events are free to attend!

The 2019 edition of Grow Op addresses the theme of ENERGY: clean energy, dirty energy, social energy, positive energy, negative energy, climate energy, embodied energy, resilient energy.
Do we hoard, waste, commodify, burn it, or do we store, reuse, renew it? How humans and other species live within and without natural systems of growth, change, abundance, scarcity, decay, and life.

Grow Op Exhibition Party: Thurs April 18, 7-10pm

Exhibition Hours: Wed Apr 17: 7pm – 9pm | Thurs Apr 18: 11am- 10pm, exhibition party 7-10pm
Fri Apr 19: 11am – 9pm | Sat Apr 20: 11am – 9pm | Sun Apr 21: 11am – 5pm

MST Social Media/Marketing Member, Tosca Terán has a mycelium Energy based installation taking place in Rm: 206

Come visit me!

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