Music Works #135 Mycelium Music

The artists in the Winter 2019 issue are connected through the sonic mycelium of Musicworks! Order the Winter issue now.

San Francisco-born, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist Tosca Terán is collaborating artistically with Algae, Physarum polycephalum, and mycelium, translating biodata from non-human organisms into music


Musicworks 135 CD  

1> Buffy Sainte-Marie Poppies
2>  Tosca Terán The Dye Maker
3> Julia Kent Crepusculo
4> Tim Olive, with Doreen Girard Boro, excerpt
5> Tim Olive, with Takuji Naka The New Attractive, track 3
6> Pierre Yves Martel Estinto, excerpt
7> Jennifer Thiessen, with Ida Toninato L’aurore
8> Wesley Shen toile de jouy (composed by Monica Pearce)
9> Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi The Starts and Stops
10> Bea Labikova Akshayuk Pass

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