Gullkistan artist residency



bulb.pngPorcelain ‘bulb’ form. During my artist residency with Gullkistan I built a Raku kiln and experimented with various clay bodies, Icelandic sand, shells found along the coastal regions, and lava embedded within the clay. The bulb-like algae/plankton forms were made by slowly pouring slip over inflated balloons. As the slip dried I would gently release air altering the forms further. Slip cast bones were created from a mould I made of a found bone during a hike.bones.jpgResearching Obvara mixtures; Icelandic rye floor, yeast mixed with Icelandic honey created a ‘starter’ that I used to dip the heated (1350-1850f) clay forms into
Raku kiln built from scratch in situ- fires to 2200f!P1260598P1260644P1260662



Other research involved audio field recordings. A majority of these field recordings took place at sunrise (4am) around lake Laugarvatn. Later during my residency my artistic partner Andrei Gravelle joined me and together we headed south east, out of the Golden Circle area towards the spectacular Vatnajökull glacier.

Andrei and I camped out at the glacial lagoon. On the ocean side. Thankfully, I woke at 4am, just in time to quickly move our vehicle before the tide over took us! This was definitely a water filled day.

fullsizerender.jpgI snapped the image above as I recorded the water sounds. Sinking the hydrophone between the floating ice, I sat in this spot watching rainbows appear over the icebergs until the tourists parked above woke-up, around 8:30/9am. At that point the birds were lifting off and soon tour buses would descend upon Jökulsárlón. Our destination today was Dyrhólæy and the hope of Puffins.

The soundcloud file above is a crazy rough vocal piece Andrei and I are currently working on. Andrei wanted to share compression examples with me so, we made recordings of the two of us emitting various notes together. Across water. Imagine the glacier off in the distance, huge and quite formidable. Horizontal rain surrounding us, Icelandic winds rushing around our ears, Seventy foot waves crashing down upon us (to our complete and utter surprise!!) soaked, we head west, towards the Alþingi.

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