Orbis Tertius


Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” is a short story by the 20th-century Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The story was first published in the Argentine journal Sur, May 1940. The “postscript” dated 1947 is intended to be anachronistic, set seven years in the future. The first English-languagetranslation of the story was published in 1961.

Told in a first-person narrative, the story focuses on the author’s discovery of the doubly fictional world of Tlön, whose inhabitants are completely idealistic and live imaginative lives. The story is a work of speculative fiction. One of the major themes of Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius is that ideas ultimately manifest themselves in the physical world and the story is generally viewed as a parabolic discussion of Berkeleyan idealism, and to some degree as a protest against totalitarianism.  -Wikipedia

470_3-orbistertius_installviewInstallation at *new* gallery Toronto, Ontario 2004 

For the Orbis Tertius installation I imagined Ritualistic items and dress, transgenic organs, as well as Flora and Fauna one might discover in Tlön. Displayed in custom, vacuum-formed domes to create a museum-like, or clinical environment. MRI heart scan, along with 3D humanoid representations added to the clinical feeling visitors had when entering the installation.

MRI heart scan, sterling silver life size Homo-sapien 2.0; reproductive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system w/generative collaborative composition with Andrei Gravelle

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