When the Internet was Art

1994-2003 I created many Flash based artworks, image mapped pictures for web interaction. Some involved design around various website incarnations of nanopod.

Some of my domains included: 21c, OptionKontrol, pod, p-0-d, digital-nomads, Earth Station.

Below are some of the swf files that still remain. I intend to share more here as I unearth them!

Amphybia served as my artist pages for what would slowly evolve into nanopod. Within this Amphybia (the spores swirl and grow when approached, as well as make sounds), visitors could create visit the Oracle of P-0-D, play flash built games, and create their own pods – the concept being you could choose from various sets of parameters like, colour, feeling, texture, origin and this data would be sent to an imagined Ai that would extrapolate and create (via 3D print) a pod form that would documented and later shipped to the creator. The year was 2001-2003 and I had zero access to any form of 3D printer, my intentions were to hand-form every pod.

Another spore would take visitors into the Oracle of Pod, Bio Pod, Pod Objects, Pod Links, and so on. Unfortunately, the links are long since broken, gone into the the web…

Yume (2001 Yume No Choryu=current of dreams) is a memory from my childhood living in Larkspur, California and a neighbourhood friend that lived across the street. Crickets, frogs, and bird sounds created the atmosphere.

dream memory

Panspermia ’00: a zygote guides visitors through SEM imagery of lichen.

SEM image with animated AR-like component

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