BioMaterials workshop

Learn about mycelium’s amazing potential at the intersection of art, science, and technology.
Workshop description

Working with Ganoderma mycelium and hardwood substrate, this workshop will include everything you need to grow a round planter, as well as hand-sculpt a small form with living mycelium! Suggestions on how to grow other forms or grow onto various armatures (3D printed, hand-knit/crocheted) will be discussed.

We will start with an introduction and demonstration of how this bio-material works, as well as discuss mycelium: what it is, its benefits to us and our environment, companies that are working with mycelium to replace styrofoam packing materials, insulating materials, everyday objects, and leather.

Participants will learn how to transform their kitchens and closets into safe mini-mycelium Biolabs.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to prepare mushroom media at home for art and research. They will have learned the basics of DIY aseptic technique and will leave with a mycelium bowl and bag of mycelium infused substrate!

This is a unique workshop with very limited places, so book now not to miss out.